Jill Barnattan~

Impassioned Herbalist

Passionately Practicing Holistic Herbalism 

Jill Barnattan is an impassioned and integrative Herbalist, truly believing in the healing qualities of plants, holistic nutrition, practice and the innate power that each of us possesses to heal ourselves.  Jill has experienced the power of food as medicine and the fact that we create our own realities thru our word, thoughts and actions. 

Eating well and growing organic, pesticide free food & herbs is an integral part of Jill's life.  She takes care of her own spirit by enjoying the little things while continuously pursuing her own journey of self discovery. 

As an Herbalist, Jill neither diagnoses, names, nor treats disease.  Instead, she recommends herbs, dietary & lifestyle modifications and self reliant healing methods to assist the body & mind in becoming synergistic to achieve
optimal physical & emotional well-being. Her role as an Herbalist is to utilize her skills in identifying patterns of disharmony and to most importantly, consider the client as a whole person.

Each person is a unique individual and Jill treats her clients just so.  An Herbalist does not work with a  “universal” remedy for an ailment, each client's recommendations are formulated giving consideration to their unique constitution including a culmination of findings revealed thru various diagnostic methods.

As an Herbalist, Jill agrees to treat each client as a unique human being. The client agrees to comply with suggestions of lifestyle & diet modifications as well as supplementation of herbs
and/or vitamins presented to him/her in order to cultivate an increased state of balance and health. 

Jill has spent the majority of her adult life exploring many methods of alternative healing.  She currently works as a Professional  Herbalist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Organic Gardener. Clinical skill sets applied in her private practice of Holistic Herbalism include dietary assessments, herbal alchemy formulations, diagnostic methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine, hands on therapies of Tui Na & Moxibustion, Reiki and Yoga.  Remedies from the traditions of Ayurvedic, Western & Chinese herbal medicine are utilized in the development of treatment plans for each client.

Essentially, Jill works as an advocate to each client on his/her unique journey toward re-balancing their own health.  All parties agree to hold high the intention of optimizing the body's self-healing capabilities. As the client is the most essential part of his/her self reliant healing, it is of utmost importance to take the responsibility of following the program that is created especially for them. 

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In 1996 Kaleidoscope Naturals was born.  Jill's entrepreneurial spirit and diligence commenced a quest to produce high quality potions made with organic herbs, fine quality essential oils and nutrient rich vegetable & seed oils. Kaleidoscope Naturals Organic Hemp & Herbal Healing Salve
continues to be the company's signature product with worldwide loyal customers. 


Great News...

Kaleidoscope Naturals' Alchemy Apothecary & Yoga Studio has recently been completed~Jill is inspired and full of gratitude for
this peaceful place to make products, work with clients, practice & teach yoga! 

Coming soon.... A special offer for YOU to subscribe to our new program, supporting community, communication, sharing Holistic Herbal information and a special way for you to sample our herbal concoctions on a
continual basis

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