Jill Barnattan~

Impassioned Herbalist


Jill Barnattan is an impassioned and integrative
Herbalist, truly believing in the healing qualities of plants, holistic nutrition, yoga, abhyasa (practice) and the innate power that each of us possesses to heal ourselves. Jill has experienced the power of both yoga and food as medicine and the fact that we create our own realities thru our words, thoughts and actions. The majority of
her adult life has been guided by her passions and constant work toward her own Vital Equilibrium thru the exploration of many methods of alternative healing.

Jill understands that life is a journey with ups and downs and unwanted stress, leading to imbalance. Her
intention is to provide clients with customized self reliant systems to assist the body and mind to synergistically work together utilizing medicinal herbs, nourishing foods, yoga therapy and beneficial lifestyle choices. She works side by side with her clients, empowering each person
on their journey toward holistic wellness.

Since 1996, Jill founded and created her company, Kaleidoscope Naturals, a line of organic skin care products, free of disease causing chemicals. She has also educated many on the use of medicinal herbs, healing foods & vitamin supplements and enthusiastically continues to create beautiful perennial gardens of traditional herbal medicine from the East & West. She is currently putting together a class series on herbal medicine making.

Since 2009, Jill has escalated her studies in the traditions of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. Some of her outstanding teachers include Lesley & Michael Tierra, Miles Coleman, Candis Cantin , Ken & Jessica Rose, Ben Zappin, Larken Bunce &
Margi Flint.  Having experienced the profound effects of flower essences on the soul level, Jill is working toward a Flower Essence Practitioner certification.

She is also a dedicated Yoga student for over 20 years, always striving to dig deeper into her practice, concentrate on structural alignment and discover the poses that will assist her and others with common ailments and inner peace. Jill has gratefully studied under many of BKS Iyengar and Patabi Jois' disciples including Nicki Doane & Eddie Modestini, Kay Huckabee, Kathleen Flanagan, HS Arun, Leigh Milne and Paul & Suzi Grilley. Jill is a Certified Yoga Instructor and holds a certificate as a Professional Planetary Herbalist from Lesley & Michael Tierra's East West School of Planetary Herbology. She currently divides her time between the magical island of Maui and the pristine mountains of Mendocino, California.

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In 1996 Kaleidoscope Naturals was born.  Jill's entrepreneurial spirit and diligence commenced a quest to produce high quality potions made with organic herbs, fine quality essential oils and nutrient rich vegetable & seed oils. Kaleidoscope Naturals Organic Hemp & Herbal Healing Salve
continues to be the company's signature product with worldwide loyal customers. 


Great News...

Kaleidoscope Naturals' Alchemy Apothecary & Yoga Studio has recently been completed~Jill is inspired and full of gratitude for
this peaceful place to make products, work with clients, practice & teach yoga! 

Coming soon.... A special offer for YOU to subscribe to our new program, supporting community, communication, sharing Holistic Herbal information and a special way for you to sample our herbal concoctions on a
continual basis

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