Jill Barnattan~

Impassioned Herbalist

Passionately Practicing Holistic Herbalism 

I consider myself an Impassioned Herbalist.  I truly believe in the healing qualities of medicinal herbs, holistic nutrition, practice and the innate power that each of us possesses to heal ourselves. I also believe in the power of food as medicine and the fact that we create our own realities thru our words, thoughts and actions.  I am passionate about eating well and growing amazing food & herbs.  
More importantly, I take care of my spirit by enjoying the little things in life and always pursue my own journey of self discovery. 

As an Herbalist, I neither diagnose, name, nor treat disease
but recommend herbs, dietary, lifestyle and other modalities to
help the body & mind synergize to achieve optimal physical & emotional well-being. My role as the Herbalist in this healing process is to utilize my skills in identifying patterns of disharmony and to most importantly, consider the client as a whole person.  

As each person is a unique individual, I treat my clients in that way.  I do not work with a “universal” remedy for an ailment.  Instead, my client's recommendations are formulated individually, giving consideration to the constitution of my client as well as a culmination of findings revealed thru various diagnostic methods.

As an Herbalist, I agree to treat my client as an individually unique human being. The client agrees to comply with my educated suggestions of lifestyle & diet modifications as well as supplementation of herbs and/or vitamins in order to cultivate an increased state of balance and health. 

Over the years, I have explored many methods of healing.  My current clinical skill sets  include diagnostic methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapies of Tui Na & Moxibustion and Yoga.  Remedies from the traditions of Ayurvedic, Western & Chinese herbal medicine may be applicable to an individual's case.

Essentially, I am an herbalist advocate to my client on his/her unique journey toward re-balancing health.  We agree to hold high the intention of optimizing the body's self-healing capabilities. As the client is the most essential part of his/her self reliant healing, it is of utmost importance to take the responsibility of following the program that is created especially for them. 

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In 1996 I launched Kaleidoscope Naturals.  My entrepreneurial spirit and diligence led me on a  journey of producing high quality potions. Organic Hemp and Herbal Healing Salve continues to be Kaleidoscope Naturals' signature product and best seller with loyal customers worldwide.

Since 2009 I have been establishing perennial gardens on our property in Mendocino, CA. We have a minimum of  50 medicinal herbs (native, planted or propagated) and the gardens continue to grow.  Garlic & Lavender are 2 favorites!

While pursuing my passions of organic gardening, formulating and testing new herbal products, practicing yoga & continually gaining more knowledge,  I also completed a 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training, a Taiji Tuina course, an apprenticeship at our Community Acupuncture Clinic and four 52 hour seminars with the East West School of Herbology. I am so full of Gratitude for all of my teachers on this incredible journey of life!

                                           Great news....  

Kaleidoscope Naturals' Alchemy Apothecary & Yoga Studio has recently been completed ~I am full of gratitude for this peaceful place to work, be inspired & practice! 

Coming soon.... A special offer for you to Subscribe to my new program enabling us to communicate, share information and for you to sample my herbal concoctions on a continuous basis!

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